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dogs die in hot cars

Keep animals cool in hot weather

With the recent arrival of hot weather, we should be reminded that animals suffer and die when temperatures rise. Dogs die very quickly in hot cars and they should not be left inside them even for very short periods. Opening a window a few inches is not sufficient.

It’s not just dogs who suffer in heatwaves. We offer advice on caring for rabbits, smaller animals and wildlife.

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mouse being held in a gloved hand

Another increase in animal experiments: Government tries to airbrush GM animal suffering

The number of experiments conducted in British laboratories in 2013 was the highest in nearly 30 years, according to government statistics published today. The total of 4.12 million ‘procedures’ exceeded the 2012 figure by 11,600. The use of genetically modified (GM) mice once again dominated the Home Office’s (HO) annual figures, and the department’s strategy is a clear one: to suggest that little or no suffering is involved in this area of research because most of it involves benign breeding programmes.

Moreabout the 2013 animal research statistics and our analysis
pheasant cage icon

New poll reveals overwhelming opposition to battery cages for game birds

A YouGov poll, commissioned by Animal Aid, has found that more than three-quarters of respondents (77 per cent) oppose the use of battery cages for the production of ‘game’ birds. The figure rose to 87 per cent when counting only those who expressed a view.

The poll’s results mark the start of a key new phase of Animal Aid’s campaign to achieve a ban on the units – known in the industry as raised laying cages, and used for pheasants and partridges kept for breeding.

Moreabout the campaign for a ban on battery cages for game birds View our new undercover footage Read our briefing sheet

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