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Compassionate Charter

Ethical animal and environmental issues are now high on both public and political agendas. Greenhouse gases, climate change, finite natural resources, recycling and plastic bags remain in the news. In order to protect our planet and all its inhabitants, it is generally accepted that changes to our lifestyles must be made.

Some councils have already taken steps towards an ethical policy. For example, Leicester City Council has implemented an animal-friendly purchasing framework; York City Council has banned foie gras from all council buildings; several councils, including Brighton & Hove, are working towards a ban on plastic bags, while many councils have banned animal circuses from using their land.

We are now asking all town, city, county and borough councils to adopt an overarching ethical policy that will help animals, people and the planet.

Contact us to find out if your council has adopted the Charter.

Top Ten Compassionate Councils

  1. Hadleigh Town Council, Suffolk - Has agreed to sign up to the Charter in its entirety, adopting the first seven policies and working towards the final one of becoming a plastic bag-free town.
  2. Dundee City Council - Aiming to eventually achieve the eight steps of the Charter. So far it has banned circuses with animals and the giving of pets as prizes, pledged not to use real fur, and has a spaying and neutering scheme in place. The issue of cruelty-free toiletries and cosmetics will be taken on board the next time contracts are negotiated.
  3. St Ives Town Council, Cornwall - Is crafting its own personalised animal charter with our guidance.
  4. Leeds City Council - Has adopted an Ethical Purchasing Policy, banned circuses with animals and the giving of pets as prizes, and pledged to replace the fur on all formal robes with cruelty-free alternatives. The council also promotes spaying and neutering, and offers free electronic chipping of dogs.
  5. Buckley Town Council, Flintshire - Has agreed in principle to adopt the Charter as a whole, and is in discussions with the County Council regarding the implementation of the articles.
  6. Wolverhampton City Council - Has its own Animal Welfare Charter in place which contains many progressive policies such as not using real fur, not allowing the giving of pets as prizes, encouraging the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs, and ensuring at least one vegetarian meal will be on the menu in all council run facilities. The council will also be drawing up an ethical code relating to council purchasing.
  7. Winchester City Council - Has adopted a number of the policies in the Compassionate Charter, including using cruelty-free products, banning the use of foie gras and battery eggs in its catering, promoting the spaying and neutering of pets, and banning circuses with wild animals and the giving of pets as prizes from its land. It will also not allow its premises to be used for events including the sale or display of fur products.
  8. St Blaise Town Council, Cornwall - Will now only buy cruelty-free toiletries and cleaning products, has banned circuses with animals from council land, and discourages pets as prizes.
  9. Belfast City Council - Has a ban on animal circuses and operates a green purchasing policy.
  10. Padstow Town Council, Cornwall - Seeks to purchase only cruelty-free toiletries and cleaning products, is heavily involved in recycling, and discourages the use of plastic bags.

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