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Each year inside British laboratories, nearly 4 million animals are experimented on. Every 8 seconds, one animal dies. Cats, dogs, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, primates and other animals are used to test new products, to study human disease and in the development of new drugs. They are even used in warfare experiments. Animal Aid opposes animal experiments on both moral and scientific grounds. Animals are not laboratory tools. They are sentient creatures capable of experiencing pain, fear, loneliness, frustration and sadness.

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To imprison animals and deny them their freedom to express natural instincts and to deliberately inflict physical pain in the name of science is unacceptable. All the more so because the experiments are bad science in the first place: they do not produce information that can be reliably applied to people. Ending vivisection will benefit people as well as animals.

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cover of Victims of Charity report

Victims of Charity

Animal Aid’s new anti-vivisection campaign focuses on the involvement of medical research charities in vivisection, and urges people not to donate money to charities that conduct or fund tests on animals. Not only is animal research cruel, it is also a waste of the public’s money, as the results cannot be reliably applied to human patients.

Read more about our call for a financial boycott of charities that fund animal experiments and our report, Victims of Charity

cover of Science Corrupted report

Science Corrupted

Animal Aid's latest report, Science Corrupted, reveals the shocking scale and nature of research conducted on genetically modified mice. For every GM mouse used in an experiment, hundreds more die or are killed as 'surplus' or 'failures'. Many of these mice are not even reported in government statistics. Not only does breeding and experimenting on GM mice cause nightmarish suffering, it is also failing to produce cures for people.

Read more about our report in the use of GM mice in medical research


Charities and Animal Testing

While many health charities fund or conduct experiments on animals, there are many more who direct their resources toward non-animal research or to help sufferers in other ways.

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Making a Killing report cover

Making a Killing: How drug company greed harms people and animals

Making a Killing: How drug company greed harms people and animals is a major report, published in 2008, that exposes a catalogue of unethical practices – beginning with misleading animal tests – that are designed to drive up drug sales, which already cost the NHS £1 billion per year. The public’s health also suffers: in 2006, 1 million people were hospitalised in Britain due to adverse drug reactions.

Citing more than 400 references, the report paints a compelling picture of a morally bankrupt industry that has run out of control.

Read more about the Making a Killing report

Humane Research

Humane Research

Hundreds of thousands of animals are bred and killed every year so that their body parts can be used in test tube studies. At the same time, huge amounts of a genuinely useful research material - human tissue - is being incinerated. Since 1991, Animal Aid has fought this insanity.

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