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11-13 Poetry Winners

Posted 2 July 2008


I've Waited All My Life...

By Jasmine Moody

I've waited all my life to see outside those big black doors,
To feel the grass on my feet and not these grubby floors.
I've waited all my life to leave this dull and lonely barn,
To feel free to wander on a happy country farm.
I've waited all my life to feel a lovely breeze,
Just to see a flower that might even make me sneeze.
I've waited all my life to have the perfect mother hen,
A chicken that would hug me every now and then.
I've waited all my life to have a loving caring home,
But however long I wait, I know I will still feel so alone.
I've waited all my life not to be used just for my eggs,
Just to run around and be free, just to use my little legs.
I've waited all my life to fulfill my happy dreams,
To walk around huge fields and to splash around in streams.
I've waited all my life for someone to save me, someone really special who can set me free!



By Jack Brooker

All I want is to be out there, To be free.

My beak has been cut off
So I don't hurt myself,
But I can feel the pain where it used to be.
My bones are so sore as I stand in this cage
With no proper floor, no window or door
All that I eat is this fortified food,
Just enough to survive.
I'm not in the mood.

All I want is to be out there. To be free.

I live in a cage so tiny and small,
I can't move, Can't sit, Cant' sleep at all.
I wish to be free, run and have fun
To make a new friend and walk in the sun.
I lay my eggs that have no hope to hatch,
All the farmer wants is the next packaged batch.
Seventy-two weeks that's all that I'll live,
This horrible life you decided to give.

So think of my life the next time you tuck in,
To bacon and eggs and how they begin.


Meat and murder

By Victoria Milne

Meat and murder, hand in hand
Time runs out like grains of sand
For us to end what we began;
Animals dying at the hand of man.

Fed, fattened, forgotten;
Slaughtered, shipped and sold
This is the life of those animals
Or so we have been told.

So when you've had your dinner
And meat you have been fed
Take a minute to think of
The lives those animals led.

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