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WISE WORDS - From young veggies

Posted 1 February 2002

A selection of comments taken from our national survey which looked at the provision of veggie meals in schools.

Cartoon by Ronny"I have cared about animals all my life and have tried to raise money to help them and make others aware of their suffering."
Corin (aged 16) from Cheshire.

"When I was nine my mum showed me a leaflet and at that moment I found out what the factory farming industry was really like. What got me more than anything else was that this wasn't a one-off, it was going on every day and people weren't doing anything about it, apart from groups like Animal Aid."
Rachel (aged 11) from Lincolnshire.

"At my school's Christmas dinner, the dinner lady put some turkey on my plate without even asking... Everybody in the lunch room kept asking why I wasn't having any turkey. I said to them that I was veggie and I felt very proud to say that."
Steph (aged 13) from Aberdeenshire.

"When I was 11... in an RE lesson in school we had to write an essay on whether we eat meat or not, and why/why not. I could not think of a single reason to continue eating meat! So I gave up."
Claire (aged 16) from Essex.

"When you see the horror of factory farming, anyone who can deny the suffering must be either incredibly ignorant or very mad!"
Oliver from Hampshire.

"I've never understood how anyone with any sort of heart can look an animal in the eye and then deliberately harm it... Teachers in schools sometimes say you can't survive without meat. I'm living proof that you can."
Bethan from Devon (a life-long veggie).

"My whole family decided to go properly vegetarian, (i.e. give up fish) when I was seven because we kept finding bones in fish fingers and realised fish are animals too."
Heather from Surrey (who stopped eating meat at 3 and is now vegan).

"Intensive farming practices disgust me and the volume of meat consumed and wasted astounds me."
Alice from Glamorgan.

"My mum has given animal rights talks many times at my school. They've written her into the curriculum!"
Andrew from Surrey (who is vegan).

Cartoon by Ronny"I try to encourage people to embark on a meat-free diet whenever I can."
Natalie from Cambridgeshire.

"I hate it when there aren't many veggie options. Why should we be punished for saving an animal's life?"
Holly from Hampshire.

"I learned about battery cages and animal testing when I was doing an English project and the pictures were so cruel."
Julia from Essex.

My parents, my sister and I are all vegetarians. I have never eaten meat in my life and I would never want to."
Caledonia from Nottinghamshire.

"Though people say they love animals, they truly can't unless they are veggie or vegan."
Hollie from Warwickshire.

"I turned vegetarian at the age of nine. The thought of someone being allowed to stand and murder animals all day, every day just makes me sick with anger and frustration."
Emily from Cleveland.

"I couldn't bear the thought of an animal being slaughtered on my behalf."
Charlotte from Suffolk (who is vegan).

"If we all stick together, we will stop all animal cruelty forever."
Lauren from Hertfordshire.


  • Please order some Veggie Pledge forms from the Animal Aid office. Even if you persuade only one person to go meat-free for a trial week, you will be helping to save animals' lives. If that one person carries on being meat-free for the rest of his or her life, you'll have helped to save up to 20 pigs, 29 sheep, 5 cows, 780 chickens, 46 turkeys, 18 ducks and about 1,000 fish - estimated to be the average number of animals consumed by one person in a lifetime.
  • Send for your free veggie pack and during March we will also include a free copy of the new Young Veggies booklet. (Multiple copies of the booklet are also available at £1 for 10, £4 for 50, £7 for 100.)
  • Support Animal Aid's Veggie Month campaign - make an online donation now.

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