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  • teenagers playing football on the beach Licensed under Creative Commons Flickr user Mark Fischer

    Cruelty-free cover up

    Whether you are going on holiday or staying in the sunny UK, you will need to put suncream on. There are many different types that you can buy in the high street that haven’t been tested on animals. Try the own brand products from Superdrug, Co-op and M&S. Animal Aid’s online shop also has a fantastic range.

  • dogs die in hot cars

    Keeping animals cool in the heat

    Dogs die very quickly in hot cars and they should not be left inside them even for very short periods. Opening a window a few inches is not sufficient.

    The British Veterinary Association has an excellent poster that can be downloaded and displayed in windows, cars and car parks.

    Rabbits must not be left in a hutch in the glaring sun or inside a sweltering garage or shed. (They should not be kept in a hutch anyway.) They need a cool, shady place where the air circulates, and where they are able to move freely. A hot rabbit can be kept cool by applying cold water gently to his ears. Should your rabbit become listless, or start breathing hard through an open mouth or go limp, get him to a vet immediately. Rabbits must also be checked daily throughout summer months for signs of flystrike.

    And don’t forget wild animals. Shallow dishes of water can be provided and should be replenished regularly. If you see an animal in distress, call your local wildlife rescue centre.

  • acrobats from Cirque du Soleil Licensed under Creative Commons Flickr user Derek Key

    Summer holiday days out

    There are lots of fun, animal friendly things that all the family can do during the Summer holidays. Instead of taking a trip to a zoo, aquarium or circus, why not visit a local sanctuary or a circus that only uses humans for entertainment?

    Please also read these tips from World Animal Protection on how to avoid supporting animal suffering while you are on holiday.

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